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Bridge Learning
Expertise & Resources
  • One-time Enrolment and Learning Materials fee (as long as the learner is enrolled in the same programme)
Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™)
  • Uniquely developed by Bridge Learning for local and Asian education where academic standards are generally higher
  • Adaptable and expandable to suit the needs of local learners
  • Assessment of a spectrum on underlying learning skills that affect learning and development
  • Utilizes a range of criterion-referenced formal assessments - Most affordable in Singapore; averages at SGD$300 per DDA™. Pay by the hour.
  • Utilizes generic foreign assessments based on Western world figures and education standards that may not be suitable for content in Singapore
  • Some claim to offer free Diagnostic Assessment (DA) but in fact is just a reading test / isolated component that is insufficient to comprehensively diagnose a child
  • DAs provided by other institutions closest to that of Bridge Learning's costs SGD$500
  • First one-stop centre for assessment, facilities, and intervention services for a wide spectrum of learning difficulties (lds) and Learning Disabilities (LDs)
  • Leading and most comprehensive institution in Singapore based on the range of intervention programmes
  • Partner of Thomson Pediatric Centre who procure our intervention expertise to complement their medical, therapeutic and psychological services
  • Typically offers only assessments. Intervention services are designed only for a particular type/category of learning disability per centre
  • Outsource patient cases, which results in the loss of pertinent and valuable understanding of the patient.
  • Facilities, resources and intervention programmes are not as comprehensive
  • Tendency to have patients passed across a number of intervention specialists
  • Lack of consistency in teaching methods
Intervention Approach
  • Pioneering Non-Categorical / Interdisciplinary Child-Centric intervention services
  • Designed around child's profile, character and valid assessment - Holistic coverage for a child's needs across all categories
  • For children who cannot be formally diagnosed within a category/label or are not severe enough to be classified as having Learning Disability
  • Practical and Effective
  • Current teaching methodology that is used in many developed countries
  • Conventional Categorical/Label-focused/Testing-Centric assessment and intervention
  • Assessment is pigeonholed to specific LDs (e.g. ASD, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD etc).
  • Misses out on the needs, difficulties and characteristics of lds or LDs that falls outside of these labels/categories
  • Insufficient evidence and co-morbidities of these outlying LDs make formal diagnosis impossible.
  • Efficacy is sacrificed when traditional methodologies intended for classic labels are used for co-morbidity cases
Bridge IEI™ / One-on-one solo IEP program
  • Tailored programme customized to suit your child's specific needs
  • Besides academic domains, behavioral, social-communication and emotional development can be included
  • Suitable for multiple LDs / hybrid cases - Integrated neurotherapy exercises can be used to supplement OT - Eclectic approach using a myriad of strategies from integrated mainstream pedagogies and specialized education.
  • Highly effective from 2 to 12 years old - From SGD$110 per session onwards
  • Prepared in pre-formatted/standardized template that corresponds to a child's age
  • Limited area(s) of needs that are catered to.
  • Therapy is a standalone programme and commands additional fees - Singular method of teaching/activities are usually adopted
  • Nominal progress is seen in younger children or to a certain stage - Private Sector: Est. SGD$150-250 per hour
  • VWO/Charity Sector: Est. SGD$90-95 per hour (for small group)
Auditory Processing
  • AuditoryPro™ is the premiere intervention programme for auditory attention, processing and phonological development
  • Structured delivery method and frequency tested for steady progress and prevention of regression - In-house strategies used to concretize brain development and auditory processing for lasting improvement - SGD$480 per term (after subsidies)
  • Sole dependence on multimedia aids for auditory processing
  • Claims of perceived improvement over a short period
  • High regression rate once programme is stopped
Art Classes / Therapy
  • SocialArté™ successfully integrate art processes with Emotional Quotient (EQ) development for purposeful improvement in children
  • Focuses on fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, social-emotional and behavioural development
  • Complimented with a structured, skill-based 4-year curriculum
  • SGD$300 per term (after subsidies)
  • Focuses solely on the development of art and craft techniques
  • Uses artistic end product with aesthetic value as developmental benchmark
  • May not have structured curriculum with purposeful development
Occupational Therapy (OT) / Gym
  • Bridge NeuroGym™ integrates brain development, sensory-motor integration activities and motor skill circuits seamlessly
  • Maximises the essence of specialized education, therapy and mainstream development
  • Benefit and enhance learning abilities for all children, especially children with lds/LDs
  • SGD$30 per session (before subsidies)

*Please note that an occupational therapist / physiotherapist is required if the child's needs are more severe

  • Usually comprises of seemingly exclusive activities for special needs children but in fact they are overlapping activities between OT and conventional gym class
  • Occupational therapist usually ask parents/caregivers to do the OT activities with the children at home
  • Frequency of the OT sessions may not be ideal for better progress
  • Est. SGD$85 per session
Dyslexia / Reading Intervention
  • More Than Phonics™ is the equivalent, if not superior group programme
  • Bridge Literacy™ is the advanced programme for language development covering the major exam components
  • Focuses on significant components relevant to such intervention such as comprehension, grammar etc.
  • SGD$400-420 per term (before subsidies)
  • Mainly focuses on phonological development, visual and auditory drills for phonemes and words only
  • VWO / Charity Sector: Est. SGD$488 – S535 per term (after government subsidies)
Daily Group Programme
  • Bridge School Readiness Programme™ (BSRP™) comprises of 6 Bridge intensive intervention programmes
  • Engage children with plenty of hands-on activities
  • SGD$50 per session (after subsidies)
  • May not deliver the therapy as advertised
  • Kids inadvertently will be left alone to do what they please, with no real intervention work being done

*based on feedback given by caregivers

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