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The inspiration to make a tip of our curriculum available to the mass market came about when our Founder observed how the children’s faces fell when parents bought piles and trolleys of assessment books and textbooks. 

She wants children to experience real learning through activities and play.  Learning through play is a practical teaching strategy.  Learning can be fun. Such learning concepts must not be recited just as nice slogans. 

Children are made to practice and practice more.  If they do not understand the Math concepts, they are literally practicing failure again and again.  The vicious cycle erodes confidence and creates fear towards Math.  

Many parents and educators are also unaware of the importance of visual-spatial development linking to Math performance. Most push children quickly into the abstract without concrete learning. Go beyond regurgitation of arithmetic to building a strong foundation.

We encourage all parents and educators to purchase the Piaget IQ Math™ series, designed for the whole family!


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