"Before Bridge: 1. No social interaction with peers. 2. Can't express herself. 3. Dependent on parents.

After: 1. Learn to play with peers; take initiative to greet strangers. 2. Able to express her needs; improvement in her expressive language. 3. More independent." - Doris Wu Pey Ying (Parent of Shanice)

"My son's gross motor skill development has made significant progress and he is starting to interact with other kids as well." - Yong Kok Wah (Parent of Gerald)

"Bridge Learning is fun and has a very dedicated team of teachers. My son has a good learning progress on him. Teacher Kim always stay cheerful and positive to Man Zi. He enjoys so much here. Would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of the teachers here." - Chew Lock Kee (Parent of Man Zi)

"You Xuan has shown great improvement after attending Bridge Learning. Words are not enough to express my emotion with regards to You Xuan progress. Teachers are kind and helpful. They always gave me feedback on my son's progress. I am happy with Bridge Learning centre. A big thanks to all the teachers there." - Chua Hong Heok (Parent of You Xuan)

“It is almost 6 months my son has been enrolled on the program. We are impressed by his progress. The skills which Bridge Learning Teachers has used were highly efficient and delivered the objectives of the programme. We thank Bridge Learning for providing such nurturing environment for children. I would like to express my appreciation and extend my thanks to the Teacher Poh Ling and Shu Ning for their efforts spent on my son." - Lakshmi Chikkam (Parent of Sriansh)

"Angeline started attending Piaget Math in Primary 3. Her marks has always been around 70-80. She couldn't break through the 80 mark until last year (Primary 5) where she got 90+ (A star) in her grades. Thank you Piaget Math!" - Alice (Parent of Angeline)

"Thank you. My child has shown improvements in areas that are not provided in MOE school curriculum, which in turn helps to improve the child overall learning." - Ong Kok Min (Parent of An Qi)

"I always feel the warmth when I enter the school. The centre manager and other teachers greet him by his name with a smiling face. His teacher also welcomes him with a smile. I have seen progress in my son in this short period of time (about less than a term only), which is really unbelievable. None of the other schools that my son has attended actually taught me these home-plans and school activity which seem to work for him. He actually started to problem solve some of the activities I gave him at home which he never did before. I have faith and strong belief that my son will progress very well with bridge learning methodology and comprehensive programs. Thank You." - Shankar (Parent of Ashwin)

"You have a team of very dedicated specialists and their professionalism and love for their work with the children is commendable. Keep up the good work!" - Christina (Parent of Caleb)

"The best thing about Bridge Learning is that you understand the child's needs and is able to come up with a concrete plan to target on those areas. Also I think it's great to have a program that is able to help a child during preschool and follow-on to their primary school. Most programs elsewhere stop when the child is 6 or 7 yrs old." - Agnes Lee (Parent of Xandyr)

"Friendly staff and safe environment. Tailored programmes that focus on the child's needs with detailed updates on the activities carried out and the results." - Low Guat Hwa (Parent of Geremie)

"Bridge Learning has helped me and my son a whole lot. Words are not enough to express my emotions with regards to my son's behavioural progress. I will continue to recommend Bridge Learning to parents and will encourage them to open up to be able to help our children." - Maria (Parent of Justin Padayao)

"My son eats limited type of food but when he started to attend Bridge Learning he started to try new food." - Bituin (Parent of Kristian)

"Nurul loves going to Bridge Learning. She is always proud to show me the number of stickers she receives after each lesson. Her teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. Though Nurul has been with Bridge Learning for only a few months, she has shown positive attitude towards learning."
- Nor Anne Kamsir (Parent of Nurul Alyssa)

"Bridge Learning has helped me and my son a whole lot. Words are not enough to express my emotions with regards to my son's behavioural progress. I will continue to recommend Bridge Learning to parents and will encourage them to open up to be able to help our children." - Lim Chye Lian (Parent of Si Min)

"We are glad that our daughter has the opportunity to learn in Bridge. Sammi has made great progress in the Bridge IEP programme. She is able to read, spell and communicate much better nowadays. She also enjoys Bridge Art Therapy whereby she has a chance to express herself creatively with colours and handicrafts." - Soong Mee Yeong (Parent of Sammi)

"Valentine's attitude towards learning has changed tremendously after a few months with Bridge Learning. The school has taught Valentine "learning how to learn". His attitude towards learning is progressing positively and has boosted much of his confidence. I appreciate the teachers much as they have demonstrated to the boy that learning can be happy and interesting." - Mrs Lim (Parent of Valentine)

"Bridge Learning is fun and my child keeps on improving." - Tan Geok Choo (Parent of Wei Cheng)

"Wei Jie has been with Bridge Learning for 2 years. He has shown great improvement in his speech and social skills. He has become more outspoken and he loves to share his experience both in Bridge and in his Primary School." - Mrs Thio (Parent of Wei Jie)

"My child's attitude has improved after attending Bridge Learning. He is more responsible and knows how to respect others. He has also become more polite and considerate. His academic performance in school has shown gradual progress. I believe Bridge Learning will help my child improve in all areas. Thanks to Bridge Learning!" - Phang Siew Khim (Parent of Wee Kiat)

"After about a term at Bridge Learning, our son shows great learning progress and mental development. I must say, he is more focus and I could leave him to finish a task that has been given to him independently while I attend to his siblings." - Selena Kaur (Parent of Ameer Singh)

"After a few terms of Bridge programmes, suddenly, one day (Primary 5, 3rd quarter of 2008) Caris could hear intently every word we spoke. Since that day, she has been listening to every word in a spoken sentence and would even correct others' oral mistakes. With improved listening, she also improves in speech. She would express her thoughts and feelings more freely. Finally, I felt that my girl no longer has Auditory Processing Disorder(APD). She was diagnosed with APD in Primary 2, 2005. Thanks to her early intervention specialists and Bridge Learning!" - Constance Gow (Parent of Caris)

"Florence is more sensible. She knows she has to work hard. The teachers are always so cheerful and positive in their words towards Florence." - Ling Ping (Parent of Florence)

"Ian enjoys going to Bridge considering that he doesn't enjoy academic learning at all. It says much that he enjoys his time at Bridge and wants to continue with it!" - Valerie Wong Thomas (Parent of Ian)

"The teachers impress me with their affection over Josiah. Thank you." - Ling Ping (Parent of Josiah)

"The teachers have gone beyond the call of duty to stay behind with Shu Min on many occasions just to ensure that she is alright when I'm late in picking her up. Their sincere care for the children at your centre deserves recognition. Shu Min has only been with Bridge Learning for a few months. Although it is still too early to see visible results in terms of grades, what is apparent and highly important, is that the Bridge Teachers and programmes have instilled in her an excellent attitude to learning. She clearly appears more motivated and driven in what she does. What stands out is also her love for going to the centre to learn. Clearly, your entire team of teachers must have played a big role in encouraging and inspiring her by showing that they care. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!" - Tan San San (Parent of Shu Min)

"I have good encounter with Bridge staff and specialists. The Centre Manager is always very helpful. The specialists also gave me feedback on my son's progress. Although I don't see a drastic improvement in his results but his work is neater and he is more willingly to learn. Hopefully he will show more improvement next year. With the help of the specialist, I have confidence in Bridge!" - Wee Liang Mui (Parent of Darren)

"Zhong Han has shown improvement after attending Bridge Learning. We have observed that the one-to-one session in this programme allows the teacher and student to interact and communicate effectively and most importantly, the teacher can focus and maximize coaching the child during 1 hr interval. The teacher is committed and is able to coach child effectively. Zhong Han likes to attend this class."
- Mr Chua (Parent of Zhong Han)

"I am pleased with the orientation and education effort provided by Bridge Learning that has brought out the learning interest in my nephews, Lionel and Amos Yap. Lionel was a challenge as he was very slow in his learning and everything he does. But after about a year with Bridge, he has shown tremendous improvement. For example, now he can remember his spelling within an hour as compared to taking days to remember previously. Through the methodology adopted by Bridge, it has given both Lionel and Amos the opportunity in realising how learning can be made facile despite their learning difficulties. I would definitely recommend Bridge Learning to other parents!" - Katherine Yap (Aunt of Lionel & Amos)

“The teachers are kind and caring. They are professional and seem genuine in helping the child. They made my child feel welcomed.” – Anna (Parent of Andrius)

“We are happy with the structural programme - IEP for Benjamin, as well as the commitment & dedication that the teachers possess. Never to give up and to believe in miracle!” – Helen (Parent of Benjamin)

“Our son enjoys going to Bridge, this is mainly due to the committed professional instructors there, they have definitely helped us overcome many of the developmental concerns we had about our child. We are confident in a short while our child will become as capable as his peers, if not better.” – Flowerlet (Parent of Aarya)

“Tian Thao shows significant improvement in all areas, after attending the programmes by Bridge Learning for only 6 mths. All time and money spent being rewarded. I am a happy father now.” – Mr Neoh (Parent of Tian Thao)

“All the teachers, including the office attendant was very warmth. They know the kids by heart and show genuine concern for the children. Norman loves to come to Bridge Learning while we were worried about the long hours will bore or tire him, but these worries were unfound.” – Liona Neo (Parent of Norman)

“Geremie enjoys the Bridge Art'EQ Therapy programme very much, doing all the different types of art works. He will also share with me the tasks/games that he needs to learn/play after each lesson. He is currently doing well in school and I am glad with the progress after all these years.” – Benjamin Yeo (Parent of Geremie)

“Ziv has improved tremendously through his learning journey at Bridge Learning. He is more aware about his environment and is more expressive than before! Thank you.” – Li Hong (Parent of Ziv)

“Our kids have always been looking forward to attend the fun and enriching classes by Bridge Learning every week. We sincerely thank the staffs of Bridge Learning and would like to let them know that every hardwork and dedication are very much appreciated by the parents and our kids.” – Eunice (Parent of J-En and Z-En)

“We would like to put on record a note of thanks Aiden’s early intervention specialist. She has been instrumental in shaping up my child's overall learning and developmental delays. We are very pleased with Aiden's progress and hope that Bridge Learning will continue to teach and reinforce good learning habits and shaping their behaviour.” – Carol (Parent of Aiden)


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