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Expertise & Resources

  • First & leading one-stop centre with full range of comprehensive services from assessment to intervention .
  • Proven expertise and facilities for a wide spectrum of learning difficulties and Learning Disabilities (LDs) including hybrid, suspected, inconclusive LDs.
  • Largest and most comprehensive institution in Singapore (based on available range of intervention programmes, full-time staff strength and spectrum of LDs served).
  • Establised since 2003 with proven and tested track record.
  • Clients include 10 000 parents, excluding educators and schools.
  • All-inclusive facilities and resources on-site. 
  • Serve 7 months to 12 years old.
  • Established capabilities’ expansion through systematic training and quality control systems. 
  • Hire only dedicated full-time staff as Early Intervention Specialists (EIS).  No volunteers. No untrained personnel.
  • Not typical one/two-man, part-timer or freelancers’ service providers.  Hence, your child’s intervention and progress need not be affected due to EIS absenteeism or departure. 
  • We do not practice having child work with different intervention specialist(s) for every/few sessions.  The pertinent understanding of the child and valuable rapport building are precious.
  • Partner of Thomson Pediatric Centre who procures our intervention expertise to complement their medical, therapeutic and psychological services and vice versa.

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA)™

  • Clinical research & development over 10 years with 3 years of pre-clinical research.
  • 5000 DAs conducted on Asian & Asia-based children & their parents.
  • 30 000 hours spent in DDA.
  • Child-centric, unlike test or label-centric assessments.
  • Adaptable and expandable to suit individual child’s needs and abilities.
  • A composite range of criterion-referenced, formal assessments, expert analysis & critical observation is used for reliable conclusion, instead of solely based on standardised tests’ scorings.
  • Effective assessment on a spectrum of underlying learning skills that affect learning and development.
  • Useful and detailed information for planning of child’s intervention meaningfully.
  • Simple and purposeful executive functions instead of difficult-to-understand reports that have the same recommendations for every type of learning needs.
  • Proven that cognitive and learning abilities can improve when a child’s underlying spectrum of learning skills, difficulties and strengths are identified and intervened well.
  • IQ test is also not deemed as the indicator of future performance.  We observe multiple intelligences instead of just IQ.  Hence, IQ test is not included in assessment. 
  • Holistic coverage for the child’s needs across all categories. So that one does not miss out on the child’s needs, difficulties and characteristics of lds or LDs that falls outside of these labels/categories.
  • Proficient for even mild/hybrid/suspected/insufficient-evidence cases.  Usually insufficient evidence and co-morbidities of these outlying LDs make formal diagnosis impossible. Efficacy is sacrificed when traditional methodologies intended for classic labels are used for co-morbidity/hybrid cases.
  • No assessment of such comprehensive scope and content available in Singapore yet.
  • Reliable and valid assessment likened to a comprehensive health check-up.
  • Not just a reading test/isolated test component that is insufficient to comprehensively understand  a child’s needs.
  • More useful as content is suited for Singapore & Asia whereby  academic standards are generally higher instead of solely on Western world figures and education standards (though such provide good reference).
  • A worthwhile assessment of such expertise, breadth and depth value-add to any child, parent and educator.
  • More affordable and pay only by the hour used. 
  • Assessment elsewhere, closest to that of Bridge Learning’s costs at least 30% - 400% more.
  • DDA™ is exclusively available at Bridge Learning.
  • Psychological Assessment estimated costs for reference:        
    S$1500 - S$3000 (private practice)
    S$550 - S$1000 (after subsidies in VWO/charity sector)
  • Prior appointment is needed for DDA™.  For your child, please contact us today.

Intervention Approach



  • Pioneering child-centric assessment and intervention expertise.
  • Non/Cross–Categorical assessment and intervention (interdisciplinary).
  • Not conventional Categorical/label-focused/testing-centric that needs pigeonholing to specific LDs.  Our intervention approach is used in many developed countries advanced in assessment and intervention.
  • Practical and effective.
  • Utilize an eclectic repertoire of skills and intervention strategies. Not rigidly relying on a single method or strategy.
  • For children who are diagnosed or suspected to have learning difficulty(s) or/and Learning Disability(s).
  • For children who cannot be formally diagnosed within a category/label or are not severe enough to be classified as having Learning Disability.
  • Highly proficient for mild/hybrid/suspected/insufficient evidence/diagnosed cases.
  • Not restrictive to a type/category of learning disability E.g. ASD, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, APD etc.
  • Usually insufficient evidence and co-morbidities of these outlying LDs make intervention impossible where formal diagnosis is an entry requirement and categorical approach is limited.  Efficacy is sacrificed when traditional methodologies intended for classic labels are used for co-morbidity/hybrid cases. 
  • Designed around child’s profile, character, abilities, strengths and weaknesses instead of around a label. Not pigeonholing child to try to fit into assessment and intervention.
  • Holistic intervention for a child’s needs across all categories so that one does not miss out on the child’s needs, difficulties and characteristics of lds or LDs that fall outside of these labels/categories.
  • Early Intervention Specialists (EISs) go through exclusive training at least once every week/fortnight throughout the years besides other intensive training.  

Enrolment and Learning Materials Fees

  • One-time fee (life-time as long as learner is enrolled in the same programme).
  • No annual recurring fee.

Bridge IEI™ /
One-on-One IEP

  • Tailored programme customised to suit your child’s specific needs.
  • Not prepared in pre-formatted/standardised template that corresponds to a child’s age instead of needs and abilities.
  • Besides academic domains, behavioural, social-communication and emotional development can be included.
  • Eclectic approach using a myriad of strategies from integrated mainstream pedagogies and specialised education.
  • Singular method/brand of teaching/activities not adopted.
  • Integrated neurotherapy exercises can be used to supplement occupational therapy (OT).
  • Highly effective for multiple needs/hybrid cases.
  • Suitable for 2 to 12 years old.
  • Great value intervention and fees are competitive and reasonable, in comparison to both private and non-profit sectors.

Auditory Processing

  • AuditoryPro™ is the premiere intervention programme for auditory, attention, processing and phonological development.
  • Structured delivery method and frequency tested for steady progress and prevention of regression.
  • Proven strategies used to concretise brain development and auditory processing for lasting improvement.
  • Not sole dependence on multimedia aids for auditory processing.
  • No gimmick claims of perceived improvement over a short period.

Art Therapy / Social / Communication / Behavioural / Emotional Intervention

  • SocialArté™ successfully integrates art processes with Emotional Quotient (EQ) development for purposeful improvement in children.
  • Focus on fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, social-emotional and behavioural development.
  • Complemented with a structured, skill-based 4-year curriculum.
  • Use purposeful child development instead of artistic end product with aesthetic value as developmental benchmark.
  • Do not focus solely on the development of art and craft techniques.

Occupational Therapy (OT) / Gym

  • Bridge NeuroGym™ integrates brain development, sensory-motor integration activities and motor skill circuits seamlessly.
  • Complements OT
  • Maximises the essence of specialised education, therapy and mainstream development.
  • Benefit and enhance learning abilities for all children, especially children with lds/LDs.
  • Usually comprises of seemingly exclusive activities for special needs but in fact are overlapping activities suitable for all children.
  • Occupational therapist usually ask parents/caregivers to conduct the OT activities with the children at home.  Many activities can be done by other caregivers.
  • Frequency of the Bridge NeuroGym sessions is ideal for better progress and at a lower cost.

*Please note that an occupational therapist / physiotherapist is required if the child’s needs are more severe.

Dyslexia / Reading Intervention

  • More Than Phonics™ strengthen a child's reading proficiency by galvanizing two ways; through whole language approach and phonological development.
  • Do not focus mainly on phonological development, visual and auditory drills for phonemes and words only.
  • Bridge Literacy™ is the advanced programme for language development covering the major exam components.
  • Focus on significant components relevant to such intervention such as comprehension, grammar etc.

Daily Group Programme

  • Bridge School Readiness Programme™ (BSRP) comprises of 5 Bridge intensive intervention programmes.
  • Engage children with plenty of hands-on activities.
  • Real intervention work with child, not babysititng or childcare.


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