Educational Innovations


Ground-Breaking Expertise

  • Exclusive Cross/Non-Categorical (non-labelling) approach in assessment and intervention for learning difficulties & gifted children
  • Before our setup,  thousands of children whom cannot be formally diagnosed due to insufficient evidence, has mild lds/LDs or/& have multiple difficulties or co-morbidities which makes diagnosis under 1 category/label difficult, can receive no help
  • Has transformed and is transforming the psychological-educational landscape
  • One-stop concept and expertise is first in Singapore

Bridge Methodology™ (Learn more…)

  • Amalgamate expertise, best practices and experience in therapy, specialised education and proficient mainstream academic pedagogies

Bridge Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™) (Learn more…)

  • Focus on children’s needs and abilities rather than labels

Bridge Curriculum

  • DDA™
  • Ten educational & intervention programmes
  • Bridge Methodology™ infused serve not only children who are gifted or/and have learning difficulties.  The curriculum is widely successful for all children.  Our curriculum can be used in enrichment, preschools & mainstream schools.
  • Capabilities to serve wider age groups from 7 months to 12 years old                                             (Existing providers generally cater from 2.5 years to 6 years only)

FREE Online Learning Assessment (OLA™) (Learn more…)

  • Check out your child’s strengths and deficits in his/her underlying learning domains for FREE!
  • Seek professional intervention or contact us for DDA™ should you need more advice.

World’s First (Learn more…)
Our Intellectual Properties is set to revolutionise the psycho-educational landscape locally & worldwide.

  • BEE Portals for Parents and Professionals.
  • World's first free e-diagnostics Online Learning Assessment (OLA) for identifying various learning difficulties & developmental needs.
  • World's first D.I.Y. online early intervention subscription for parents & caregivers.
  • World's first comprehensive full-suite web-based professional system with IP for Cross/Non-Categorical, interdisciplinary specialised intervention.
  • It screens, manages, formulates, generates individualised educational intervention, reports and research capabilities.
  • World's first e-system with algorithms to collect and harvest data for lacking Asia research works that will bring great benefits for children and education.

Baby and Toddler Intervention

  • Singapore’s first structured developmental curriculum and services for babies is here!
  • Singapore’s first infant and toddler specialised intervention services in Singapore is ready! 
  • Parents will be happy their babies and toddlers has a trusted place to go.
  • Serve infants and toddlers from 7-30 months.
  • Currently, there is no such intervention service in Singapore.
  • We need a good location.  If you like to offer your premises kindly to us or at more affordable rent, please contact us so we can roll out specialised baby services quickly.  Thank you in advance on behalf of the babies and their families.


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