Bridge Learning is a qualified registered member of Social Enterprise Association. We are a pioneer SE, established before the movement becomes known in Singapore. We are also an SE recognized and supported by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) (then MCYS).

Bridge Learning unequivocally believes that accessible education is the catalyst game changer for lives. Children from low-income families should not be deprived of quality diagnostic learning support, specialized intervention programmes and services.

Bridge Learning Social Enterprise (SE) Financial Subsidies are disbursed from our revenue, from our own pockets. Funds are set aside to provide subsidies to learners from low-income families. Through such subsidies, children are able to gain access to our learning support and intervention.

Profits gained (if any) are channeled back to worthy charitable and social causes. Here at Bridge Learning, we believe in giving back to the community. We have spearheaded and participated in numerous social projects also.


We endeavour to provide high quality specialised services at more competitive fees to the communities (compared to both the private & non-profit sectors).

Thus, these services are more accessible to children from middle-class families, who do not qualify for further subsidies.

Bearing in mind Bridge Learning do not enjoy subsidies/donations meant for non-profit charities to offset operational costs such as rental, yet our fees are comparable to some “not-for-profit” organizations.

We will be most delighted to match the low rates some non-profit EIPIC intervention centres charge and yet provide higher quality programmes, should the same government subsidies and privileges be offered to us.

In addition to our daily contributions existing as an SE, Bridge Learning is proactive in embarking on regular social projects as often as our resources allow.

We recognize that compassion is a universal language. It is in our credo to do what we can for humanity. We are proud to have spearheaded and be involved in numerous social-rebuilding projects. Our continuous efforts have benefitted many from across the globe.
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A worrying percentage of children could not truly achieve the authentic universal primary education (UN MDG) due to undetected or/and unsupported learning difficulties or/and Learning Disabilities, even after going through school for years.

  • Downstream work of investing in the bottom 20% of the young
  • Enable them to be truly literate & numerate
  • Upstream work of enabling children with LDs today to be more employable adults of tomorrow through our intervention
  • Decrease unemployability and social costs
  • Decrease associated social problems such as depression, suicide and juvenile delinquency
  • Macro & micro societal cost savings – Measurable, immeasurable & priceless

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Registered with MOE
Ministry of Education (Singapore) & Registered EIPIC Centre with SG Enable





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