SocialArté™ is an exciting and therapeutic programme that integrates a child's creative art processes with social-communication. The child's artistic expression is harnessed for intentional development, therapy and enjoyment.

Group activities in SocialArté™ are used to facilitate discussions and development of appropriate social skills, emotions and values such as respect, humility, patience etc. Our skill-based art curriculum is crafted to promote a child's creativity, imagination, and self-concept through viable mediums. Through the experience and fine motor development, SocialArté™ enhances the necessary dexterity needed for writing and drawing.

Our Early Intervention Specialists at Bridge Learning keep track of a myriad of performance domains that facilitates holistic learning. Domains central to arts and crafts (fine motor, visual spatial, creative thinking) are monitored, as well as social-emotional capacity, receptive and expressive language etc.

In the process of attending SocialArté™, your child will be given the necessary platform and environment to assimilate into group settings and to demonstrate and hone appropriate interaction strategies required to interact with others as well as improving skills important for academic learning.

Benefits For All Children

  • Pre-schoolers for good head-start for various essential learning skills
  • Improve social-emotional, behavioural, stress and anger management skills

Highly Essential for Children

  • Experience fine-motor, copying and writing difficulties
  • Suspect or diagnosed with Dysgraphia
  • Suspect or diagnosed with Emotional-Behavioural Disorders (EBD) such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
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