Bridge Numeracy™

Bridge Numeracy™, integrated with ability-driven benchmarks and Bridge Piaget IQ Math™, is designed to support your child in acquiring strategies and skills required to be successful in the latest MOE syllabus.

Pushing young learner too quickly into abstract learning without meaningful understanding may produce pleasing, interim results. However, as the learners progress in academia, those with a weak foundation in numeracy will show signs of faltering – usually from Primary 3 onwards, if not earlier.

At Bridge Learning, it is in our professional knowledge that numeracy is more than computation, memory work, drill and rote learning. Bridge Numeracy™ exalts the understanding and the process of logical and analytical thinking in real-life application and problem solving.

Bridge Numeracy™ is designed around each child's ability. The programme is designed to support children in acquiring strategies that go beyond the conventional. In line with Jean Piaget's Theory, we understand where each learner is at in his/her progress and strive to reinforce the fundamentals while expedite learning through our unique cross-levels curriculum.

Aside from learning mathematical concepts, your child will interact with physical manipulative and demonstrate their mathematical concepts in real life settings!

Recommended For Children Whom

  • Are mainstream learners with Math/Numeracy difficulties/Dyscalculia
  • Need more intelligent learning than rote learning & worksheet drills
  • Desire strong numeracy foundation to excel in the mainstream school
  • Are high-ability/gifted preschoolers capable of accessing the primary curriculum
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