Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™)

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™) is likened to a personal health check-up in that it is child-centric and based on our exclusive non-categorical and inter-disciplinary methodology. It uses reliable tools (i.e. a composite of expert observation, criterion-referenced formal assessments and critical expert analysis) to identify a child's strengths and weaknesses that inadvertently affect learning performance. Unlike psychological assessments, Bridge Learning DDA™ does not pigeonhole or stigmatize learners with any shortcomings. Our dynamic diagnostic screening can be used widely for children of any profile to ascertain learning areas in need and monitor the progress of learning development.

There is a misconception that undergoing an assessment is a stressful experience. Well, with Bridge Learning's DDA™, the truth can't be any further from that. Our DDA™ comprises of a series of stress-free and enjoyable activities and games with the Diagnostician. The child undergoing a DDA™ will be assessed on a range of learning skills appropriate to his/her profile. Such skills are reading age, comprehension age, spelling age, receptive and expressive language, auditory and visual memory, fine and gross motor skills, attention span etc.

Upon completion of a DDA™, the Bridge Specialist will aggregate the child's performance in the components and generate an Individualised Developmental and Progress Profiling (IDPP). This is followed immediately by consultation with the Bridge Specialist to provide feedback and recommendation(s) to the parents based on the IDPP.

*Please assure your child he/she is coming to play some games and activities and avoid words such as “test, assessment”.

*DDA™ is an entry requirement to Bridge Core programmes.

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