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Learn from the best and be a certified Early Intervention Specialist/Educational Therapist/Educationist at Bridge Learning-Feuerstein International Training & Accreditation Centre (ITAC). Learn about brain neuroplasticity and applicable intervention techniques for the optimal learning brain!

Effective Intervention

Child-centric Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment™ to identify strengths, weaknesses and needs, instead of label-centric standardised tests. Bridge Learning’s premier diagnostic learning support and specialised early intervention based on whole-brain approach, strengthens multiple underlying cognitive functions simultaneously.

Optimal Brain & Learning Potential

When the underlying learning skills have been strengthened, learning processes are able to function more efficiently. An efficient learning process maximises learning potential of an individual.

What is Learning Difficulty (ld)?

A Learning Difficulty (ld) is characterized by a learning capacity that is less efficient due to factors that are often not enduring and are overlooked. Learning difficulties include aversion to certain learning mediums (e.g. numbers or words), preference for certain learning methods etc.

What is Learning Disability (LD)?

A Learning Disability (LD) is a condition that gives rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age. Learning disabilities include dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) etc.

Why choose Bridge Learning?

We understand and attend to the root of learning difficulties / learning disabilities through our highly successful Cross-Categorical Approach. Since 2003, our established and proven track record speaks for itself.

Learning Difficulties

Underlying cognitive deficits affect learning capabilities and life functions. We believe in brain neuroplasticity. Our brain is malleable, modifiable and can be restructured with quality intervention.

Bridge Individualised
Educational Intervention™(IEI)

An entirely learner-centric intervention programme customized to your child's specific needs (both academic and non-academic). Learn More


Your child will be able to demonstrate what he/she has learned in our class through vivacious activities designed to empower and reinforce his/her auditory repertoire. Learn More

Piaget IQ Math™

Piaget IQ Math™ introduces children to the internationally established methodology of learning Mathematics, based on Jean Piaget's renowned development learning theory. Learn More


An exciting and therapeutic programme that integrates a child's creative art processes with social-communication. The child's artistic expression is harnessed for intentional development, therapy and enjoyment. Learn More

Bridge School
Readiness Programme™ (BSRP™)

It is a specialised diagnostic intervention programme comprising of Bridge Learning's highly effective programmes conducted on a daily basis. Learn More

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment (DDA™)

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessments (DDA™) is likened to a personal health check-up in that it is child-centric and based on our exclusive non-categorical and inter-disciplinary methodology.Learn More

Bridge Numeracy™

Designed to support your child in acquiring strategies and skills required to be successful in the latest MOE syllabus. Learn More

Bridge NeuroGym™

A fun fitness programme that integrates the elements of occupational therapy and gymnastics into confidence circuits meant for children from ages 18 months to 12 years old. Learn More

More Than Phonics™

Strengthen a child's reading proficiency by galvanizing two ways; through discrete language approach and phonological development. Learn More

Bridge Literacy™

A comprehensive literacy programme that focuses on providing a scaffold for learners to cope and excel with the fast-paced curriculum in mainstream schools. Learn More

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